Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some questions about buying a property on the island and living on Bonaire.  Below we anwser the most frequently asked questions regarding buying real estate on Bonaire. For any other questions, please feel free to contact us or stop by our office in Kralendijk.

It is actually always nice to travel to Bonaire! The temperature is pretty consistent all year; around
28-30 degrees.
Bonaire is located well outside the hurricane belt and it is dry most of the year, but October
November and December are the wettest months.
High season is from December till April because of a nice windy breeze.

Yes you can buy a property on Bonaire. Keep in mind, when buying real estate on Bonaire, that you have to pay real estate tax for your second home in Bonaire.

European Dutch citizens, Dutch citizens from Curaçao, St. Maarten and Aruba and US citizens may
freely enter Bonaire for up to six months every twelve months. If these Dutch citizens or US citizens
want to work, they may work for a maximum of three months without a declaration of admittance by
Other nationalities can freely enter Bonaire for up to three months every six months. This means that
no residence permit is required for that period. However, you must meet certain conditions, such as
being able to show proof of return and a passport that is valid for your entire visit.
For more information regarding this subject, go to the Rijksoverheid-website(Dutch).
Bonaire is located below the hurricane belt. Bonaire is widely recognized as one of the
safest Caribbean islands and Bonairean people are part of
that reason.
The island has a laid back, quiet atmosphere that visitors feel immediately. On Bonaire, nothing is
hurried and residents are genuinely interested in helping guests get to know the people, places and
Bonaire has a reputation for being one of the safest islands in the Caribbean, however visitors should
take normal precautions and keep personal properties secure.
Unfortunately, yes! Living on Bonaire is about 30% more expensive than living in the Netherlands
for example. The reason is that everything has to be imported on an island like Bonaire.
So groceries (and specially fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products) are way more expensive.
Also water, electricity, rent or real estate prices are anything but cheap.
But an advantage is that every citizen on Bonaire has a free health insurance.